DOP Ahmad Al Morsy Selected as Jury Memberat the Shnit Worldwide Short Film Festival

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After Receiving the Cinematography Award at the Alexandria Film Festival

DOP Ahmad Al Morsy Selected as Jury Memberat the Shnit Worldwide Short Film Festival

The board of the Shnit Worldwide Short film festival (October 18-29, 2017) has selected DOP Ahmad Al Morsy as a jury member of the Made In Egypt Competition, along with Egyptian director Sherif El Bendary and Egyptian writer and actor Ahmed Amer. Recently, Al Morsy won the Cinematography Award as part of the Egyptian Films Poll Awards at the 33rd Alexandria International Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries for his latest film The Originals (Al Aslyeen) by director Marwan Hamed.

As ambitious as it is unforgettably bold, Shnit Worldwide Short film festival unfolds simultaneously in multiple cities on five continents, bringing together more than 40,000 filmmakers and film lovers in ways rarely experienced elsewhere on the festival circuit. The International Competition includes 100 short films with four award categories and attracts award-winning short filmmakers from around the globe. As a result, Shnit presents a competition program of exceptional quality and density. In addition, each Playground presents National Jury and Audience Awards, in a Closing Night ceremony in each Playground city. Over its 12 days, Shnit present more than 300 short films of all genres and styles.

ARRI, the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of motion picture cameras, digital intermediate systems and lighting equipment, has picked some of DOP Ahmad Al Morsy's works in a video of its production entitled Fall, where best shots taken by the ALEXA camera are shown. Al Morsy was featured in the video through some scenes from his film The Originals (Al Aslyeen), Angham's music video and Pharco and Vodafone 4G TV commercials. This is the third year in a row for Al Morsy to be featured in a video of ARRI's best camera users.

Aside from working as a DOP for more than 20 years in the Egyptian film industry presenting many films and winning six awards, Al Morsy became one of the most famous Arab names for shooting TV commercials in several Arab countries with a collection of more than 1000 ads for clients from Egypt, UAE, Lebanon, Morocco, Jordon, UK, France and Spain.