Asham Wins Best Director and Best Editing Awards inMalmo Arab Film Festival

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Director Maggie Morgan Receives Two Prizes in the Closing Ceremony

Asham Wins Best Director and Best Editing Awards inMalmo Arab Film Festival

In the closing ceremony of the 3rd Malmo Arab Film Festival, Director Maggie Morgan's Asham won two awards within the Long Features Competition; Best Director, for Maggie Morgan and Best Editing for Ahmed Abdallah and Hisham Saqr. Taking place in Sweden, the festival closed on September 8th, 2013.

Maggie Morgan received the two awards, raising the tally to three prizes received by the film at an international festival. In her speech, Morgan thanked her crew and Film Clinic, which produced the film. Asham was screened in commercial Egyptian movie theaters throughout June 2013.

After participating in a number of documentaries and medium-length films, The Film Clinic production, Asham, is Morgan's first directorial and scriptwriting debut.

Asham tells six intertwined stories about aspiration, disappointment, and hope set against the backdrop of a restless Cairo, itself on the brink of change. At significant points of their lives, some characters converge onto a street peddler, while other characters experience a series of events, which inevitably lead their pathways to intersect.

Asham stars a number of young actors and major stars including the outstanding Director Mohamed Khantogether with Stage Director Mahmoud El Lozy, and young actors: Amina Khalil, who has appeared in Sharbat Loz TV series and Taraf Talet, Salma Salem, Seif Al Aswani, Shady Habashy, Ali Kasim, Marwa Tharwat,Mona El Shimi, Mina El Naggar, Nagla Younis, Noha El Khouli, Hani Eskandar and Hani Seif.

Upon its return from Sweden, Asham will participate in the official competition the 7th Sala Women Film Festival, which runs from September 23rd to September 28th, 2013.

OSN's Alfa bouquet has announced that Asham will exclusively screen as part of Cinema1's first-run movies.Cinema1 presents the latest and most remarkable Arab cinema hits. The film will be screened onCinema1 on Thursday, September 19th, 2013.

Asham has recently received a Special Mention within the Feature Films Competition at the Geneva Oriental Film Festival and have participated in the Narrative Feature Competition at the 3rd Doha Tribeca Film Festival.