The Producers Adapts Al Harafish into a 10-season Series and Presents Miramar in Ramadan 2019

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The Company Obtains the Rights to Two Naguib Mahfouz Novels

The Producers Adapts Al Harafish into a 10-season Series and Presents Miramar in Ramadan 2019

Producer Hani Osama, Managing Director of The Producers, announced that the company obtained the rights to adapt the novels Al Harafish and Miramar by the great writer Naguib Mahfouz into two series. This step was a result of an agreement between Osama and Om Kalthoum, the daughter of the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature (1988). The plan is to adapt Al Harafish into a 10-season series and to begin airing Miramar in Ramadan 2019.

Hani Osama commented, "One of the trends of our company is to turn valuable novels into film and television projects, and undoubtedly the work of the late writer Naguib Mahfouz is a rich treasure that can be rediscovered more than once, like what is happening with Al Harafesh and Miramar. Adapting Naguib Mahfouz's work for television was a step that had to happen, and we are very excited to start working on it."

The Producers is a pioneer production company in turning successful novels into TV series and films. The Producers turned Mohamed Sadek's best-selling book Hepta into the highest-grossing romantic film in the history of Egyptian cinema, Hepta: The Last Lecture, as the film's revenues reached more than 27 million EGP and reaped more than 20 awards. The company also has turned writer Noor Abdulmajeed's novel-duology Ana Shahira and Ana El Kha'en into a TV series that is airing now on TV. Most recently, The Producers has announced its acquisition of the rights to adapt Nabil Farouk's novel Man of the Impossible into film and TV productions start with Adham Sabry film by director Marwan Hamed. The company has also acquired the TV adaptation rights to writer Khaled Zidane's novel Afezyaa, which will be turned into a long four-episode TV series, the first of its kind in the Arab world.