Screen International: Clash Is One of the Most Anticipated Films in Festivals in 2016

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The Sole Arab Film on the Magazine's List

Screen International: Clash Is One of the Most Anticipated Films in Festivals in 2016

Screen International magazine has selected Mohamed Diab's new film Clash as one of the most anticipated films in international festivals during 2016. Clash is the only Arab film placed by the magazine on the list which boasted 54 films from around the world.

The film tackles the state of political unrest that prevailed Egypt following the removal of President
Morsi from power. Written by Khaled Diab and Mohamed Diab, the film's director, the film is a joint production between France, Egypt, Germany, UAE, and the second large production carried out by Fortress Film Clinic in collaboration with EMC Media (UAE), Sampek Productions (France), Niko Films
(Germany), and Film Clinic (Egypt).

Most of the film takes place in an 8m police truck packed with 25 both pro and anti-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators where the characters interact in a plot full of madness, violence, romance, and comedy.

The cast includes Nelly Karim, Tarek Abdelaziz, Hany Adel, Ahmed Malek, Mahmoud Fares, Mohamed Abdel Azim, Gamil Barsoum, and others.

Clash is a joint production effort between Arab and European companies: Film Clinic (Egypt), Sampek Productions (France), Niko Films (Germany), EMC Media (UAE), and Fortress Film Clinic (UAE). Taking part in the project are producers Mohamed Hefzy, Eric Lagesse, and Nicole Gerhards, alongside executive producers Hamed Mokhtar (Fortress Film Clinic) and Jamal Al Dabbous. The film will be distributed in the Arab world by Al-Masa, while Pyramide International will distribute it in France and the rest of the world.

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