Jordanian Soprano Zeina Barhoum Launches Alcantara II "Zeina in China" in a Red Carpet Concert

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Under the Royal Patronage and Presence of HRH Princess Muna Al-Hussein

Jordanian Soprano Zeina Barhoum Launches Alcantara II "Zeina in China" in a Red Carpet Concert

With a range of truly heartwarming pieces, Jordanian Soprano Zeina Barhoum will launch her album Alcantara II "Zeina in China" in a red carpet concert on Thursday, April 4th, 2019 at the Al Hussein Cultural Center in Ras Al Ain, Amman, Jordan under the royal patronage and presence of HRH Princess Muna Al-Hussein. Supported by the Greater Amman Municipality in collaboration with the Embassy of China in Jordan, the concert will be followed by an album signing and private reception. Doors will open at 06:30 PM (GMT+3), and the concert will start at 07:30 PM.

Featuring Beijing Award winning Tenor Wang Chuanyue and the National Music Conservatory Orchestra conducted by resident conductor Mohamed Siddiq and Guest Conductor Lorenzo Tazzieri, the concert will be highlighted by the duet song Si Lu Meng Xiang (The Dream of Silk Road), performed by Barhoum and Chuanyue. The concert will also feature a special piece by young Jordanian composer Dina Tahamouqa, along with dance pieces by Fred Astaire.

In 2017, Barhoum was awarded the Grand Prix at a ceremony held by the Embassy of Ukraine in Jordan. She had previously won the same award at the 2nd Taras Shevchenko International SingingCompetition. In July 2017, Barhoum launched the Amman Opera Festival (AOF), the first opera festival in the Arab world sharing the same vision of Barhoum's Alcantara series of bridging cultures. In September 2018, AOF's second edition featuring the opera La Boheme took place at the Roman Theatre in downtown Amman. The festival opened with a highlight performance by two young local talents featuring the international Sichuan Philharmonic Orchestra. AOF aims at promoting and inspiring young and emerging local talent through its regional and international platform through its productions and its educational program "An Eye on Music in Education".

On October 25, 2018, Barhoum represented Jordan in the closing ceremony of the Arab Art Festival in Chengdu, China, where she sang Si Lu Meng Xiang (The Dream of Silk Road) with Tenor Wang Chuanyue that was part of a 3-day tour in a number of theaters in the city. The song was then recorded in Beijing and will be included in the Alcantara II "Zeina in China" album. The Dream of Silk Road is the only duet on the album with Chuanyue and accompanied by ChinaPhilharmonic Orchestra and Asia Philharmonic Orchestra Choir, organized by China Arts and Entertainment Group. The full Alcantara II "Zeina in China" album is accompanied by the Sichuan Philharmonic Orchestra.

In December 2018, Barhoum performed a spectacular programme at the Music in the Studio show, held at the Dubai Opera, where she taught a master class along with Cuban pianist Marcos Madrigal and Latin percussionist Maher Hanhan. The event also witnessed the Dubai launch of Barhoum's new album Alcantara II "Zeina in China" along with signed copies of the album. Barhoum will be performing at Dubai Opera again on the 20th of April accompanied by The Edward Said National Conservatory Orchestra and Banat Al-Quds in concert.

Most recently, Barhoum played the role of Micaëla in the opera Carmen by French composer Georges Bizet in January 2019,marking the first Arab soprano to perform at the Teatro Amintore Galli in Rimini, Italy.

Barhoum performed at the Christmas and New Year's Eve concert in Jordan in 2019 with the presence of His Majesty King Abdullah II. Of the experience, she commented, "It was truly an honor to have been part of this wonderful spiritual initiative celebrating Christmas and the New Year in the graceful presence of His Majesty King Abdullah II, accompanied by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II."

Jordanian Soprano Zeina Barhoum's first album Alcántara- Bridging Cultures Across The Mediterranean & Beyond was launched on iTunes & Anghami. The album contains 10 Arabic and international cover songs, including the classical Andalusian-Arabic song Lamma Bada, the Neapolitan song O Sole Mio and Sempre Libera from Verdi's La Traviata and more.

Zeina Barhoum is a classically trained Soprano and founder of The Alcántara music and art series holding a BSC in Visual Communication from the American University of Sharjah. Zeina has performed at countless events supporting the benefit of women, children, peace and prosperity. Among her many invitations to perform, Barhoum was invited to perform at Kensington Palace in celebration of Women achievers, and for bridging cultures through the Arab International Women's Forum.

Her album Alcántara refers to the Roman stone arch bridge built in Extremadura, Spain. The title of the album reflects Zeina's dedication to building strong connections of understanding and compassion through her music. Barhoum recently launched her latest album Alcantara II "in China" in the Ukraine. Featured in her second album titled Alcántara II "in China" her single "Dream of Silk Road" highlights the importance of the ancient route that linked China to the Arab world and its role in sparking intercultural communication, extending its transformative influence all the way to Rome.

Under the patronage of HRH Princess Muna Al-Hussein, Soprano Zeina Barhoum and Somerset artist Peter Lawrence held an art exhibition that included some of their paintings, as part of Alcántara Beyond the Wells: Bridging Cultures with Music and Art, at the Bishop's Palace in Wells, UK.

Zeina is also a fashion designer at Creative Concepts Industries (CCI), a family business that was founded in July 2006. She started her own jewelry brand Zeina Barhoum Jewelryin 2003.

A special thank you to our sponsors, Arab Bank, Huawei, IGI and Vogue Arabia and all of our supporters for contributing to the success of the second edition of the Alcantara series, Alcantara II "Zeina in China".