Ahmad Al Morsy is Imitating Theatre in the Credits of Wedding Song

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Participating with Several Works Within Ramadan

Ahmad Al Morsy is Imitating Theatre in the Credits of Wedding Song

Within the holy month of Ramadan, Director of Photography Ahmad Al Morsy participates in several works within the race of TV dramas including the credits of the TV drama Wedding Song by Director Mohamed Yassein.

About the credits of the TV drama Wedding Song, Al Morsy says, "The events of Wedding Song
take place in a theatre and its backstage, and it is important to get this spirit in the credits, so we actually shot the scenes at the Kasr El Nil Theatre. Although the theater curtains do not appear clearly except in the last scene, I focused on highlighting the spirit of the theater, even in close shots. Also, we used props from the series itself, such as a typewriter, writer's glasses, smoking pipes and others. I did not want to show the same image as in the series so the credits would seem unique as Wedding Song is one of the major TV dramas this season, so it is worth to be unique."

Wedding Song is a new TV hit based on a novel of the same name by Egyptian Noble laureate
Naguib Mahfouz. Directed by Mohamed Yassein, the new TV adaptation Wedding Song stars MonaZaki and Gamal Soliman. The TV drama is produced by iProductions in collaboration with Alshorouk Productions and JWT.

Set against the backdrop of the 1970s, the story tracks a theatrical troupe during a script reading session, where the protagonists realize that they're being exposed to their sordid past. They try by all means to stop the play which is disclosing their dirty secrets, but the producer insists the show must go on. The story unfolds through the narrations of Taheya, who joins the troupe in search for an opportunity as an actress, until she's mysteriously murdered.

Before the beginning of Ramadan, Al Morsy shoot two teaser trailers for Mahmoud Abdel Aziz's TV drama, Ras Al Ghoul, in addition to the ad of You are the Solution campaign within the National Initiative to Rationalize the Consumption of Electricity which is now showing on TV.

Most recently, Al Morsy started shooting Director Marwan Hamed's new film What You Don't Know About Bahia which stars Khaled Al Sawy and is written by Ahmed Mourad, the same crew who collaborated together in The Blue Elephant.

Aside from working as a DOP on 12 films and winning several awards, Al Morsy became one of the most important cameramen in the Arab world due to his passion in experimenting with new tools in more than 1000 ads. Thus, he has become one of the most famous Arab names in the commercial industry in several Arab countries, such as Egypt, Morocco, UAE, Jordon, and Lebanon, in addition to foreign countries, such as Spain, UK, and France. His talent made ARRI
selects one of his projects (Union National Bank) as the IBC Exhibition main ad; it was about videos that have been filmed using ALEXA cameras in 2015.

Al Morsy also filmed many music videos for major artists in the Arab world such as, Tamer Hosni, Samira Said, Mohamed Mounir, Angham and Sami Yusuf.